To reduce sighs and achieve success with the adult channel marketing program, we have developed 4 tips to build into successful marketing:


Focus on channels goals


Most of the time, channel marketers pay attention to what the market is doing, the current trends, where others are investing their money, and so on. Much of the time is spent focusing on what the competition or market is doing and adapting its strategy and the brand improving its programs.

The goals you create should be in line with your corporate strategy, increasing your message and brand identity in the market. Allows for a more calculated plan for a consistent message that fits the corporate strategy of targeting your specific needs for greater revenue.


Give priority to the customer


77% of channel marketing leaders agree that “providing a full incentive customer experience can help create positive brand awareness.” In a consumer-driven economy, your focus should be on consumers. Plan a strategy that focuses on them: simplifies their presentation process, creates brand awareness, and, most importantly, they prefer your brand over another. Focusing on the customer will help you create a larger revenue stream and improve your incentive program?


Determine the measure of success


Before formulating a channel marketing strategy, it is important to know how your organization can measure success. Through increased income? By reduced call center interaction? By new logo number? The marketing strategy should create productivity. Your company should be able to know how many customers you receive and expect revenue growth. It should create a map to align certain goals and objectives.


Data Access


53% of channel marketing managers say they only have basic data analysis. This means they get some input, but they don’t give much information. However, on the same note, 47% of channel marketing managers strongly agree that visibility is derived from end-to-end. At the same time, customer data analytics can save a lot of wasted channel marketing dollars.

It is crucial to the strategy that drives the data results. The brand needs to understand how it has performed in the past to predict a better future. Provides data visibility to top sellers, top SKUs, demographics, etc., that allow brands to adjust current and future events accordingly.


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