Many ways or settings are available to avoid adult channels and also to fix it. These are as follows:

Setting adult content restrictions


  1. Go to the main homepage.
  2. Choose the option “setting” from the menu.
  3. Go to “restricted mode filtering.”
  4. And select “strict.”


To fix it again   once you have selected that, you can reverse those set by undoing these selected options. These are not a hundred percent secure; some adult content still gets through. It depends on your child’s age and what your preferences are. But it is a simple solution for filtering content of the raunchiest type of adult material that your child might be exposed to. Just make sure that you set this avoid adult channels Content Restriction Mode up on every device that your child uses.

Enable google safe search on your browser


Google has a safe search option that will block explicit websites from google search results to activate safe search on google. For this, follow the following steps:


  • Open your preferred browser and go to google.com.
  • Locate settings and tap on it.
  • It would help if you now turned on the “filter explicit results” option from “safe search filters.”
  • Save the settings, and it is done.


Enable DNS Filtering

This the best way to block inappropriate websites that contain adult channels.

  1. Go to the Setting of any android device.
  2. Then go to Wi-Fi, long-press the network name you want to apply filtering to.
  3. Tap “manage network settings.”
  4. Expand advanced options and change IP settings from DHCP to static.
  5. Now in DNS1 and DNS2, enter the respective values:

DNS 1:

       DNS 2:

  1. Save the settings.

If you try to visit adult sites on any browser, you will see Open DNS blocks—the important to note that you can apply DNS filtering only to the Wi-Fi network you selected.


To fix it, you can reverse the settings. Also, you can still bypass the filtering by connecting to mobile data or other Wi-Fi networks. If your phone does not have an option to change DNS servers, you can use the “Wi-Fi” settings application.


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