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1-Start by downloading the IPTV Smarters Pro Install file from here.


2-Once you download the file, follow the prompts to install it on your computer.


3-If you didn’t get shortcut on the desktop, however once click on the windows button, the app was at the top of my application list.


4-Open the app, and it should prompt to create a new account, by requesting Login details to your IPTV service 

5-Give your account a name Adult TV Club, add your username and password and the server address URL and Port 80.


6-Click Add User, IPTV Smarters Pro will indicate it added your account successfully if it didn’t make sure the server URL includes the port (example 80)  and the URL address doesn’t include http:// , if you added everything correctly, you should get the Manage Users menu like below, keep in mind you can add more than one account. (the account created called Adult TV Club)


7- Clicking the account just created (Adult TV Club), IPTV Smarters Pro will begin loading all the channels, before we can watch TV lets download the TV guide data, click the INSTALL EPG button


8- IPTV Smarters Pro will confirm, Are you sure you want to Install EPG, say YES, Go to Live TV, select your channel group or Country, and a channel to watch.


 Please contact support and purchase you subscription on indicating witch configuration you have.

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