IPTV is a service that provides subscribers access to a wide selection of TV channels via an IP connection network. IPTV is a competitor to television broadcasting, cable TV, and satellite TV. Satellite TV, telecast, and cable are relatively simple to set up and affordable but offer less flexibility in channel selection. IPTV Subscription is worthless for customers when they are dissatisfied due to buffering, less customer support or many other factors.


Your internet connection is responsible for the quality of content.


The internet connection you have would be responsible for the quality of content you can experience with the IPTV service connection. It would help if you were mindful of this at all times. If you have a slow internet connection, you will not get the most out of the IPTV connection and enjoy HD quality channels at your home.


There is no guarantee that you can watch all the IPTV channels without problems.


The channel provider’s server may be under maintenance or down from time to time, or there may be more users watching that particular channel, and the server may be busy. So you may not be able to watch the channel. Remember that IPTV service is provided based on the best effort. The only thing an IPTV provider can do is keep the availability of channels as much as possible.


You will not be able to watch this channel until the weather clears after Heavy Rain.


If the channel provider’s location is currently heavy rain, you will not be able to view the channel, and it shows “Services are not yet available.” It means that it does not matter if your area is currently experiencing heavy rainfall or not when using IPTV. It depends on when and how often you watch IPTV, as you may experience this from time to time.




How to Recover From an IPTV Subscription Buffering

The IPTV streaming buffer freezes when your Wi-Fi encounters significant interference or when the IPTV provider network is congested. The second is a common problem with IPTV providers. Internet speeds between 5 and 9 Mbps are required for a regular HD video stream. The original package of Top IPTV is 50 Mbps, suitable for online video streaming.

Here are steps you can take to begin the process of buffering, freezing or stuttering video with your IPTV service:


  • If your device is connected to a 2.4 signal, move it to 5.0.
  • If you are downloading files or updating software, pause or stop the processes.
  • Change the wireless channel on your router. For more information on wireless media, see our Wireless Guide.
  • If multiple devices are connected to your wireless network, disconnect enough devices from your Wi-Fi while streaming.
  • Power off your wireless router for five seconds, then turn it back on. This will force your router to use the Wi-Fi channel automatically with minimal interference.


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